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The ability to paint and draw has always been regarded as an art that requires talent or natural ability in order to master... this idea is FALSE.  It is entirely LEARN-ABLE and with enough desire and patience is MASTER-ABLE. Regardless of age, education, experience ​or even how much you think "I'm just not good at it" you CAN become an artist! Forget what you think you know about drawing or painting, pencils and paintbrushes, being a good artist has nothing to do with controlling paint or lead or ink and has everything to do with the way that you SEE. if you've got at least 1 eyeball in your head I can teach you to see with the eyes of an artist. 

I'm available for classes, parties, and private lessons:






















Come Join me Every Sat. and Sun at Bo-Beau Rooftap & Grill for a drink and draw PaintNight event! Enjoy a 2 hour guided painting class on beautiful open rooftop while you sip mimosas and enjoy wonderful food! 21+ tickets are $25 with the coupon code: ZACH20. see a schedule of what we'll be painting and sign up at

Also visit Facebook/paintnitela to see pictures of our events!!




Private Lessons

Classes and Art Parties

Get one on one private lessons! if you're a complete beginner or an experienced artist looking to expand your skills i teach all ages all skill levels! also makes a great gift for anyone with an interest in the arts!

Birthday party, Staff event, or just getting together with friends? Make it a Painting Party! 2 hour guided painting class with music(Bob Ross Style!). No experience necessary, just loosen up by tapping into your inner creativity. fun for kids or adults!

Contact for details scheduling and pricing.

Figure drawing

(or life drawing) Learn to draw from live objects and models with emphasis on the human body.dy.

This is a class that will include a live model, learning the gesture and capturing elements of form, light and movement.

Estimated supply cost: $20-$50

(an additional fee is required for this class to cover the cost of the model.

Private lessons: an additional $150 for the 12 weeks.

group classes: $15 per person per lesson including the model)



Drawing Fundamentals

Basics of drawing, learn to see as an artist, composition, shape, light and shadow..​

This class is for the novice with little or no training. We will explore a variety of subjects such as: perspective, design, still life, nature and portraiture through a variety of mediums including: pen, pencil, pastel and water color. a comprehensive that will teach you how to draw ANYTHING and EVERYTHING you want.

Estimated supply cost: $25-60

a full course in creating cartoons from drawing techniques, designing your own characters and visual story telling all culminating in the creation of your very own original comic strip!

estimated supply cost: $25-$50


Learn techniques in illustration, cartooning and character design.ou.​

This class will teach you about compositional theories in art that contribute to making works of art that are dynamic, emotional and well balanced. will include a section devoted to abstract and expressionist painting. think of it like music theory with paint! NO drawing skill or experience required.


estimated supply cost: $35-$70

Composition and Design

constructing a painting. Learn to recognize and utilize elements of color, line and movement in every style of art.

work by 12 yr old student


"wedding dress"

ink on paper


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