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​    About the Artist


Hi, My name is Zachary Bones i’m a 37yr old Los Angeles based visual artist, performer, puppeteer and teacher. I believe the power and purpose of art is to grow our capacity for understanding and empathy in the world. The creation of art is vital to the progress of anti-racist work, the social evolution of our country and even the survival of our species.

    I have created public art works in South LA, Glendale, Montrose, and worked with the SPHS Anti-Bias club to create a BLM mural for the city for South Pasadena. For the last 20 years i’ve worked as a professional artists painting sets and backdrops for theatrical productions,working as a storyboard artist for

Photo credit: Alyssa Rosenthal

 film and television, creating illustrations for web comics and children’s books, as well as working as a freelance portrait and memorial artist. I have also had the honor of being an invited guest artist by The California African American Museum to perform and paint live for several of their special events. I’ve also been selected as a featured guest artist at the Geffen Playhouse

    Aside from being an accomplished visual artist I am also a seasoned teacher with more than 15 years experience in arts education. I currently work with Center Theatre Group as a teaching artist for their outreach and programs department.



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