About the Artist


Hello! my name is Zach Brown, and I am a professional artist and illustrator.  I've  been in love with the arts for as long as i can remember. I spent a lot of time in school doodling on every test, handout and homework sheet that my teachers put in front of me. I've always been excited by the endless possibilities hidden inside every blank piece of paper or canvas. At an early age I discovered the catharsis of art. The act of creating something from nothing became a wondrous and therapeutic form of meditation, and despite the many hours i spent each day drawing, i never actually expected my art to extend beyond my "hobby" and become my "profession".




Photo credit: Alyssa Rosenthal

But that all changed when I got my first "big break" in the summer of 2005 when i was accepted as a featured artist at a small gallery in Keller, Tx (which never would have happened without the encouragement of a friend). Since then I've enjoyed much success in both DFW and LA. I've been blessed with so many experiences and opportunities; while working and collaborating with some truly amazing and inspiring people along this journey to discover what it means to be an artist. 


Only a few years after I started showing my work a teaching opportunity popped up through a connection to one of my galleries, and despite the success i experienced as an artist I felt less than confident in my qualifications or ability to teach, but i decided I'd at least give it a shot, and from day one got bitten by the teaching bug.  Since then I've had the opportunity to teach students of all ages at many different studios and private schools In Ft. Worth and .  I have yet to discover anything that feels quite the same as the satisfaction of seeing a pupil succeed.

In 2009 I made the move to  to pursue my passion for acting. I've felt very blessed with the many projects and incredible people i've worked with since then. which include The maven imprint, Finite-films, stananddeliver productions, the tenth throne, art love magic, The  African American Muesum, Theatricum Botanicum, The unusual suspects,Crowned Studio and The NOHO artist colony. 



If there is anything i've learned in my experiences as an artist it's that talent is nothing more than a combination of desire and patience.



                                                                                                                                                       -Zach Brown




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